RF Technology Certification

These resources are related to the online RF Technology Certification program. Note: the workbook resources can only be accessed by registered users who are in the program.

Connectors - Precision or Not?


Sathya Padmanabahn

These presentation notes describe some best practices and potential pitfalls of using "lab" versus "general" precision connectors in your testing environment. In this paper, "lab" precision generally refers to the air-dielectric 3.5-mm and 2.92-mm connectors, while "general" precision refers to SMA-style connectors.

Receiver Dynamic Range - Part 2


Robert E. Watson

This Watkins Johnson app note describes dynamic range measurements on receivers. Part 2 discusses "comprehensive measurements," or figures of merit that combine the primary measurements, such as noise figure or IP3, to provide a picture of the range of power levels that a receiver can handle. The app note is hosted on RF Café.


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