Wireless Communications

Today's wireless communications systems employ the latest digital modulation and multiple access techniques. Many standards have evolved to spur commercial applications.

What is 5G


Ian Poole

This video describes the types of problems that fifth generation (5G) cellular systems are seeking to solve, such as the expansion of services to cover diverse needs of the "Internet of Things" and autonomous vehicles.

Finding MIMO


Charan Langton

Tutorial on MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) techniques and how they differ from other multiple access strategies. Charan Langton's tutorials are excellent resources for learning complex communications concepts. The bibliography at the end provides a good starting point for further research as well.

Femtocells: Design & Application


Joe Boccuzzi

This in-depth resource provides comprehensive coverage of femtocells and how they integrate with existing 3G and emerging wireless protocols and standards. Femtocells: Design & Application provides a technical roadmap for migrating to femtocell technology, covering network architecture, media protocols, system performance, and security issues. Detailed architectural diagrams illustrate various deployment options. This is a practical guide to the pioneering technology that enables extended indoor service coverage.

Free Webcast: What Will 5G Be?


Joe Boccuzzi

This webinar will provide an overview of areas 5G will address. We will begin with a discussion on the shortcomings of present day cellular systems to highlight the items needing to be addressed in 5G. Provide the overall 5G goals and pillar use cases as defined by ITU. Several deployment options will be provided and summary of the 3GPP scenarios provided. Key system parameters will be discussed and the impact of 5G to a Cloud-RAN network architecture will be highlighted.

LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless


Moray Rumney

This book presents the latest details on LTE from a practical and technical perspective. Written by Agilent's measurement experts, it offers a valuable insight into LTE technology and its design and test challenges. Chapters cover the upper layer signaling and system architecture evolution (SAE). Basic concepts such as MIMO and SC-FDMA, the new uplink modulation scheme, are introduced and explained, and the authors look into the challenges of verifying the designs of the receivers, transmitters and protocols of LTE systems.


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