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Somewhat Off Topic: Deciphering Transistor Terminology

Rick Lyon's Blog on DSPRelated -

I recently learned something mildly interesting about transistors, so I thought I'd share my new knowledge with you folks. Figure 1 shows a p-n-p transistor comprising a small block of n-type semiconductor sandwiched between two blocks of p-type semiconductor.

The terminology of "emitter" and "collector" seems appropriate, but did you ever wonder why the semiconductor block in the center is...

Reducing IIR Filter Computational Workload

Rick Lyon's Blog on DSPRelated -

This blog describes a straightforward method to significantly reduce the number of necessary multiplies per input sample of traditional IIR lowpass and highpass digital filters.

Reducing IIR Filter Computations Using Dual-Path Allpass Filters

We can improve the computational speed of a lowpass or highpass IIR filter by converting that filter into a dual-path filter consisting of allpass...

A Lesson In Engineering Humility

Rick Lyon's Blog on DSPRelated -

Let's assume you were given the task to design and build the 12-channel telephone transmission system shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

At a rate of 8000 samples/second, each telephone's audio signal is sampled and converted to a 7-bit binary sequence of pulses. The analog signals at Figure 1's nodes A, B, and C are presented in Figure 2.

Platform interference

The EMC Blog -

Every manufacturer seemingly wishes to add some form of wireless capability into new and existing mobile, household, industrial, scientific, and medical product. This trend toward the “Internet of Things” is in full swing and with it comes problems with EMI. That is, EMI from the product itself, that interferes with sensitive telephone, GPS/GNSS, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth receivers. This is called “platform interference” and it’s a big problem for manufacturers.

Review: Tekbox LISNs

The EMC Blog -

Tekbox Digital Solutions recently introduced LISN models for both line-operated and DC-operated equipment. I’ll be reviewing their model TBLC08 (line-powered 50uH LISN) and model TBOH01 (DC 5uH LISN).

Review: Tekbox Near-Field Probes

The EMC Blog -

A set of near-field probes is an essential tool for troubleshooting EMI issues. Tekbox Digital Solutions has recently introduced a kit containing a set of three H-field, one E-field probe, and either a 20 or 40 dB gain broadband preamplifier. All this is included in a laser-engraved wooden box - a very nice touch. The probes may also be ordered without the preamplifier. I had a chance to try them out and compare with some similar probes.

Measuring VSWR with the Rigol DSA815

The EMC Blog -

Voltage standing wave ratio is a measurement of the impedance match of any RF component, sub-assembly instrument in reference to a standard 50-Ohm resistive impedance. This article discusses how to use the Rigol DSA815 to make this measurement.

Review: Test Probes, Inc. (TPI) connector adapter kit

The EMC Blog -

How many times have you gone to reach for a particular coaxial adapter and failed to find the right one? Test Probes, Inc., now Test Products International (TPI) has two coaxial connector adapter kits and one of my colleagues traded an extra Model TPI 3000A kit for something I had that he needed. I’d like to describe this remarkable adapter kit.


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