A website that would be of interest to RF and Wireless professionals.

Microwaves 101


"The Unknown Editor"

This website features a comprehensive glossary of RF and Microwave terms along with many "rules of thumb" practical articles. It is now affiliated with the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques society.

Antenna Theory

Antennas and Antenna Theory has always been a fascinating subject for me, and it is this excitement that leads me to present this tutorial. In my life, I have found that once I thoroughly understand a subject, I am amazed at how simple it seems, despite the initial complexity. This I have found true for a wide range of activities, be it riding a motorcycle, learning about antennas, or understanding physical phenomena such as electromagnetics. With that in mind, I endeavor to write this Antenna Theory website in the simplest of all possible manners.

Maxwell's Equations

Website with tutorials explaining Maxwell's Equations. It's also a great review if you have been out of school for a while.

This site aims to teach Maxwell's Equations in as simple and intuitive a manner as possible. This tutorial should be useful for anyone with an interest in electromagnetics. Don't fear the math - I'll explain that as well, while avoiding unnecessary rigor wherever possible.

HP Archive

This site is an archive of older application materials from Hewlett Packard. Information includes seminar notes, application notes, magazines, and more. Although the content is older, much of it is useful for understanding fundamental concepts related to RF and microwave.


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