RF Connectors

Connectors - Precision or Not?


Sathya Padmanabahn

These presentation notes describe some best practices and potential pitfalls of using "lab" versus "general" precision connectors in your testing environment. In this paper, "lab" precision generally refers to the air-dielectric 3.5-mm and 2.92-mm connectors, while "general" precision refers to SMA-style connectors.

Coaxial Connector Frequencies


Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Coaxial cable connectors are a fundamental component for interfacing with RF devices up to hundreds of gigahertz. The frequency handling capability of coaxial connectors is based upon the dimensions of the inner and outer conductors, as well as the quality of precision in which the parts of the coaxial connector are constructed. Coaxial connectors are generally designed with either 50 or 75 ohms of impedance. The impedance of the coaxial connector is dictated by the dielectric material between the inner and outer conductors and their ratio.

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