Noise Figure

The noise figure of a component quantifies the degradation in signal to noise ratio after the signal passes through it. One can also think of noise figure as the "extra" noise added by a component.

Receiver Dynamic Range - Part 2


Robert E. Watson

This Watkins Johnson app note describes dynamic range measurements on receivers. Part 2 discusses "comprehensive measurements," or figures of merit that combine the primary measurements, such as noise figure or IP3, to provide a picture of the range of power levels that a receiver can handle. The app note is hosted on RF Café.

Pasternack RF Calculators and Conversions



Pasternack's website offers a large selection of RF calculators and converters available for free for general use.

Pasternack's RF calculators and conversions section provides engineers valuable and easy-to-use tools ranging from complex mathematical formulas to simple conversions. Our RF and microwave calculators and converters will provide the figures you need for your radio frequency engineering needs. RF calculations and RF conversions include metric-standard, link budget, coax cable, power, attenuation, frequency and many more.

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