Linear/Small Signal Components

Linear RF components such as filters, matching networks, low-noise amplifiers.

Smith Chart Matching Web App


Rex Frobenius

Use this handy Smith Chart web app to create matching networks. Easiest tool to use: drag elements right on the chart! Supports multiple frequencies, transmission line elements, etc. Note: please register for a free account for continued access to the Smith Chart app.  

New HTML 5 Version Now Available A new version of the popular Smith Chart app that does not require any plug-in has now replaced the older Java applet version.

Microwave Engineering


David Pozar

Pozar's new edition of Microwave Engineering includes more material on active circuits, noise, nonlinear effects, and wireless systems. Chapters on noise and nonlinear distortion, and active devices have been added along with the coverage of noise and more material on intermodulation distortion and related nonlinear effects. On active devices, there's more updated material on bipolar junction and field effect transistors.

RF Circuit Design


Chris Bowick

It's Back! New chapters, examples, and insights; all infused with the timeless concepts and theories that have helped RF engineers for the past 25 years! RF circuit design is now more important than ever as we find ourselves in an increasingly wireless world. Radio is the backbone of today's wireless industry with protocols such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WiMax, and ZigBee. Most, if not all, mobile devices have an RF component and this book tells the reader how to design and integrate that component in a very practical fashion.



Hewlett Packard Semiconductor Group

Free software for Windows that allows you to perform several different system calculations.
From the website:

Practical RF Circuit Design for Modern Wireless Systems Volume I


Les Besser and Rowan Gilmore

This book is based on the first three days of the Applied RF Techniques I course from Besser Associates. Basic analytical tools such as S-parameters and the Smith Chart as well as passive components are covered. Active components are covered in Volume II.
Les Besser and Rowan Gilmore


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