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Pasternack's website offers a large selection of RF calculators and converters available for free for general use.

Pasternack's RF calculators and conversions section provides engineers valuable and easy-to-use tools ranging from complex mathematical formulas to simple conversions. Our RF and microwave calculators and converters will provide the figures you need for your radio frequency engineering needs. RF calculations and RF conversions include metric-standard, link budget, coax cable, power, attenuation, frequency and many more.

Calculators Include:

  • Conversion Calculators:
    RF Power Conversion Calculator | Temperature Converter | Unit Conversion Calculator | RF Power Ratio Conversion Calculator | Torque Conversion Calculator
  • RF Product Calculators
    Antenna Downtilt and Coverage Calculator | Microstrip Patch Antenna Calculator | Stripline Impedance Calculator | Balanced Attenuator Calculator | Microstrip Wavelength Calculator | Tank Circuit Resonance Calculator | Bridged Tee Attenuator Calculator | N-Way Power Divider Calculator | Tee Attenuator Calculator | Coaxial Cable Impedance Calculator | Pi Attenuator Calculator | Waveguide Calculator (Rectangular) | Microstrip Calculator | Reflection Attenuator Calculator
  • General RF Calculators
    Cascaded Noise Figure Calculator | Friis Transmission Calculator | Radar Maximum Range Calculator | CRA Calculator | IRA Calculator | Skin Depth Calculator | EIRP Calculator | Link Budget Calculator VSWR / Return Loss Calculator | Free Space Path Loss Calculator | Power Density Calculator | Wavelength (TEM) Calculator

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