Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

Online RF Technology Certification


Besser Associates

This online program has been designed for applications, production, manufacturing engineers and technicians as well as other professionals who need to have a solid background in the fundamentals of working with RF and wireless products. This four part program provides a thorough understanding of RF analytical tools, communications signals, RF devices and test instruments. Starting with basic analytical tools such as the decibel scale, S-parameters and the Smith Chart, this program covers test instrumentation, RF components, and modulation.

Spectrum and Network Measurements


Robert Witte

This book was featured on the Keysight RF Test blog with the following recommendation: "This book collects the essentials in one place, with the techniques, equations, explanations and examples that you’ll need to do the whole measurement job." The earliest version of this book appeared in the 1990's, the new edition has updates to cover recent developments such as "real-time" spectrum analyzers.

10 Hints for Making Vector Network Analyzer Measurements


Agilent/Keysight Technologies

This app note briefly discusses ten different useful topics related to making VNA measurements.
From the table of contents:
HINT 1. Measuring high-power amplifiers
HINT 2. Compensating for time delay in cable measurements
HINT 3. Improving reflection measurements
HINT 4. Using frequency-offset for mixer, converter and tuner measurements
HINT 5. Increasing the accuracy of noninsertible device measurements
HINT 6. Aliasing in phase or delay format
HINT 7. Quick VNA calibration verification

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