RF/Wireless Resource Library


What do we have here?

Welcome to a curated collection of RF and Wireless resources from around the web. Resources are organized by type and subject area.

RF/Wireless Tutorials and Webcasts
Our instructors periodically give free webcasts both right here on RFMentor.com and also in conjunction with Microwave Journal magazine. We list these here along with links to Besser Associates online training opportunities and other recommended webcasts.
Browse a selection of books authored by Besser Associates instructors or used as references in our courses.
These magazines will keep you abreast of the latest developments in the industry as well as offering timely information on new products and design techniques.
Tech Papers and Articles
Papers and articles written by our instructors, or used as references in courses.
Application Notes
Application notes are often useful references for understanding real-world distortion sources and measurement limitations.
Software and Calculators
Convenient software and calculators for working with RF and Wireless formulas or simulations.
Websites or Webpages
Several websites are dedicated to collecting even more online resources or hosting discussion forums. In some cases, our instructors may host a blog on a larger website related to their specialization.

Or you can browse for a certain subject such as RF Measurements.

You can also browse resources created by Besser Associates instructors.

or tutorials.