Earl McCune

Dr. McCune has over 35 years of experience in wireless communication technology, systems, and circuit design. He has learned across this career that a thorough understanding of physical fundamentals is essential to avoid making huge mistakes, providing an extremely useful check on mathematical derivations and computer simulations (not to mention young engineers!).

Earl holds over 40 US patents, and is frequently an invited speaker at conferences worldwide. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley, Stanford, and UC Davis. He has been a Silicon Valley entrepreneur since 1986, starting up two groundbreaking technology companies that both provided successful exits to the investors. His work experience includes NASA, Hewlett-Packard, Watkins-Johnson, Cushman Electronics, Digital RF Solutions (start-up #1), Proxim, Tropian (start-up #2), and Panasonic. He is now a semi-retired consultant, instructor for Besser Associates, and visiting professor at multiple universities.

Foundations of Green Communications


Earl McCune

Until now, the focus in developing wireless communications formats has been almost exclusively on using novel techniques to overcome specific channel impairments (i.e. multipath, selective fading, etc). What has been missing is an assessment of the overall energy efficiency of the final hardware that is to be deployed. This paper introduces this type of analysis.

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