Smith Chart Matching HTML 5 Version

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An early version of the Smith Chart web app is now available to try out. There are a couple of issues that I will be working on initially, such as the frequency entry dialog box appears to be transparent for some reason. I'll also be working on the layout to try and make the various parts of the app fit better on the page. At the moment, the app is only optimized for mouse input and does not respond to touch-based dragging events (to move elements around on the chart).
Other initial tweaks will include icons for the toolbar, drawing constant Q arcs on the chart, and possibly implementing transmission line components. This app is a JavaScript version of the long-running Java Smith Chart applet that we have hosted here for over a decade. The end of support for a browser-based Java plug-in, as well as the popularity of mobile browsers, was the motivation for creating a version that could run without any plug-in dependencies. The new version was created using Google Web Toolkit (GWT), which allowed for a fair amount of code-reuse from the Java applet.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think and which features you would like to see!