Smith Chart Matching HTML 5 Version

Drag 'n Match Smith Chart Matching

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Transmission lines are here!

I've added transmission line elements: series and shorted/open shunt. Here's an important tip: the transmission lines take the same characteristic impedance as the chart normalization impedance. So, if you want an arbitrary impedance for your transmission line, change the Zo of the chart to that impedance, then add the transmission line. Once you've added the transmission line, you can change the Zo of the chart back to the previous setting and the transmission line will keep its impedance unchanged.

TL circles should have origin at z=1+j0

The transmission line components should follow circles that have constant VSWR, their origin is the point Z=1.0+j0.0. Currently they are shown to follow circles of constant conductance (origin at Z=0.0+j0.0). Other than that I think this is a very well done tool.

Q values now display

I added the code that was needed to draw the constant Q curves on the chart. The Q curves are visible when you select an item on the chart.

Tutorial Video Available

Check out my short video on YouTube about how to use this tool. Be sure to "like" it if you find it helpful!


Will reset if you click outside of the chart

The chart resets when I do the following:

Move the point to 1:0

Shunt C

Series L

Shunt C

Then click outside the Smith Chart (like to move the scroll bar)

At that point, I can no longer adjust any of the points in the chart.

Scrolling problems

I'm not sure how long this has been true, but it appears that if you scroll the page anywhere downwards at all, the mouse no longer registers the clicks at the correct coordinates. I'll need to check on how to make sure the mouse click coordinates are for the page and not the window. I'll post another comment when I've sorted this out. The good news is that if you scroll the page back to the top, the click events work again. You can once again select items and move them, etc.

Scrolling problems fixed

I've updated the code so that the chart remains responsive after scrolling the page. As I stated before, I'm not sure if this was always an issue or if it just came up recently. In any case it has been fixed so that you can scroll the page and still click on items on the chart.

This don't work

When I add circuit and i try to move to origem point, it seem like to a "reset" and start again the circuit. If I add circuit and put any item, they appear in the list, but if I can try to move that point, the same thing happens.