Here Come the Calculators!

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I've been experimenting with JavaScript a bit lately and came up with a bit of code to make creating calculators for RF Mentor users quite a bit easier. Based on the fact that most of the online calculators share some common functionality as far as the website is concerned, I've created some base "formula" and "variable" objects to handle the creation of the input form and display tasks. As a result, creating a new calculator is a much simpler matter of defining the variables and writing a function for the calculation of the output value.

Of course, nowadays you can find just about any calculator you want out on the interwebs with a simple search engine query. Nonetheless, having the calculators hosted here on RF Mentor will also allow adding links to tutorials and additional resources that aren't always included on other sites.

I've started out by recreating the dB and dBm calculators using the new functionality. I've been able to add in the conversions to voltage ratios and fixed voltage references.

Visit our calculators page for our growing list of online calculators!

Are there any calculators that you would like to see on the site? Let us know in the comments below!