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Electromagnetic compatibility/interference and signal integrity.

Near-field scanners let you see EMI


Arturo Mediano

Article by instructor Arturo Mediano about near-field scanners.

I love near field probes because they let me "see" magnetic and electric fields with an oscilloscope or with a spectrum analyzer. They let locate sources of emissions in board, cables, and systems. Near-field scanners also let you see emissions, particularly all over a board. That's hard to do with a single probe.

Interference Technology Magazine


ITEM Media

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Comparison of USB Chargers (Apple, Samsung, Counterfeit)


Ken Shirriff

This blog post is a few years old, but remains very interesting to see the difference in performance among USB wall chargers. Ever wonder about the difference between the expensive name-brand charger and the cheap imitation? This article gives in depth examination of the noise emanating from these devices. An interesting side effect of unwanted electrical noise from the chargers is that the touch-screen on your device can become unresponsive or erratic in some cases.

The Effect of DC/LF Current in Ferrites for EMI


Arturo Mediano

Arturo Mediano teaches courses on EMC/EMI and Signal Integrity for Besser Associates. He is a frequent contributor to industry magazines and journals on these topics. This article appears in the "Practical Tips" section of InCompliance magazine.

Ferrites for EMI suppression are usually chosen looking for high (resistive) impedance at the frequency of interest; but, sometimes, that ferrite is not working as expected. Perhaps you have saturation effects?


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