Free Webcast: Mixers and Frequency Conversion


Allen Podell

Besser Associates and Microwave Journal magazine have presented a free webcast on Mixers and Frequency Conversion. This one-hour webcast has been presented by instructor Allen Podell, and the recording is now available for viewing. Frequency conversion is a critical function in all wireless systems. A key component used to accomplish this is the mixer. Designers need to understand different mixer topologies and specifications in order to meet their system requirements. This webinar provides a brief overview of frequency conversion and introduces the mixer as the component used to accomplish this function.


  • Why Convert?
  • RF System Architectures
  • How many conversions?
  • How to Convert? What is a mixer figure of merit?
  • Passive diode mixers versus passive FET mixers
  • Monolithic silicon active mixer issues
  • Comparing Mixer Specifications
  • Design Overview

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